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Team-Net: Services

Jagiellonian University offers research services for Raman spectral analysis of leukemia cells.

Raman spectroscopy combined with confocal microscopy and chemometrics can be used to detect biochemical changes in cells induced by the development of leukemia, pharmacological treatment, or general differentiation between different types of cells.

Raman spectral imaging at the single-cell level represents a potential avenue for monitoring changes resulting from the development of disease or cell–drug interactions and delivering a detailed description of changes at the biochemical level, including metabolic changes.

The services include:

· Discrimination between normal cells and leukemia
· Discrimination between T and B cells
· Identification of activated T cells
· Identification of selected ALL and AML leukemia Subtypes

Please click here for the complete list of available equipment with detailed specifications.

Please click here to find regulations (only in Polish) for implementing commissioned work at the JU.

Each service is priced individually depending on the scope of work. For more information and accurate pricing, please get in touch with

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The „ Label-free and rapid optical imaging, detection and sorting of leukemia cells” project is carried out within the Team-Net programme of the Foundation for Polish Science (in polish Fundacja na Rzecz Nauki Polskiej) co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.