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Kasia nad Ania participated in the ICOPVS 2022 (Indore, India)!

Between 13-17.12.2022 Ania and Kasia participated in the IX International Conference on Perspectives in Vibrational Spectroscopy (ICOPVS-2022), which took place in Indore (India) and was organized by the UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research (Indore, India). Kasia gave an invited lecture entitled: ‘Raman-based high-content profiling of drug-induced endothelial cytotoxicity’ and presented a poster entitled ‘Raman spectroscopy in in vitro evaluation of chemoresistance. From leukemia diagnosis to monitoring of chemotherapy treatment’. She was awarded for the ‘Best lecture given by a woman’. Ania also gave an invited lecture entitled: “Is Raman imaging an aid in the diagnosis of leukemia?” and she was awarded for the ‘Best oral presentation’. Congratulations!

Conference Venue

Opening of the conference

Ania and Kasia with organizers

Ania and Kasia with participants

Ania and Kasia with participants

Ania and Kasia with participants

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Patrycja received RSM funding!

Recently Patrycja, our PhD student, received Research Support Module funds from the Strategic Program Initiative for Excellence at Jagiellonian University (ID.UJ) to support her research. Congratulations!

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Krzysztof received Miniatura grant!

Recently Krzysztof's Miniatura project was accpeted for funding (National Science Centre) to support his research. Congratulations!

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Kacper and Kuba won the prestigious Jagiellonian University Scholarship!

Kacper was among a limited group of winners who received the prestigious Jagiellonian University Scholarship. In this year's edition of the competition, the Jagiellonian University Scholarship was awarded only to 7 people. In previous years, this scholarship was also awarded to Kuba. Kacper's supervisor is Ania and Kuba's supervisors are Małgosia and Krzysztof. The Jagiellonian University Scholarship is aimed at those who wish to study at Jagiellonian University. The scholarship is awarded for outstanding academic performance and aims to support the development of the brightest representatives of the younger generation. Congratulations!




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Biostatistics in the analysis of spectroscopic data of biomedical samples, 21.10.2022, Faculty of Chemistry Jagiellonian University, A-00-1 B

Information about workshops

This Friday, October 21, 2022, a workshop will be held, to which we invite, in particular, third-year undergraduate students and first and second-year undergraduate students, active student subjects from the Department of Chemistry and students planning their thesis work in the current academic year!

The purpose of the workshop is to familiarize students with the basic methods of spectroscopic data analysis, their visualization, as well as to learn how to use databases of scientific publications, which is extremely helpful in the preparation of theses. In addition, the workshop will familiarize students with the topics and results of research in biomedical applications of Raman spectroscopy, conducted in the Raman Imaging Group.

The planned program of the workshop includes theoretical as well as practical issues that are intersting and helpful for students pursuing their thesis work.

The workshops will be held in Polish.






Raman spectroscopy in biomedical research - an introduction to the RAPiD project

dr Katarzyna Majzner


Basics of statistics

prof. dr hab. inż. Rafał Barański, URK



Analysis and visualization of data in spreadsheets

MS Excel

prof. dr hab. inż. Rafał Barański, URK


Working with OriginPro software (loading spectral data, visualization of spectra, statistical significance assessment and ANOVA analysis)

dr Anna Nowakowska



Searching for information in scientific databases. Searching for scientific references

mgr Patrycja Leszczenko


Methodology of writing scientific papers - structure of the paper, editing and formatting in MS Word

dr Aleksandra Borek-Dorosz


Create and format bibliographic references using Mendeley software

dr Aleksandra Borek-Dorosz


Presentation of scientific results using PowerPoint

dr Sylwia Orzechowska



Download files
For more information- please click here!

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Workshop: Advanced chemometrics in spectra analysis, 3-4.10.2022, Kraków, JU

On 3-4.10.2022, ZOR was pleased to welcome Uladzislau Blazhko, a machine learning and deep learning specialist from the Biospectroscopy and Data Modeling Group at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Norwegian University of life Sciences lead by Professor Achim Kohler. Uladzislau gave lectures and tutorials focused o preprocessing of spectra, machine learning in spectra analysis and deep learning in spectra analysis. It was a great opportunity for us to explore chemometrics.

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Patrycja Dawiec was awarded for the best presentation!

Best presentation award


Patrycja Dawiec, our master student, received an award at the Pomeranian Students' Chemistry Symposium in the category of the best presentation, congratulations!

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TEAM-NET: Label-free and rapid optical imaging, detection and sorting of leukemia cells