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Raman Imaging Group provides commissioned research and measurement services to both public and private organizations. We offer spectroscopic measurements, including single and imaging measurements, as well as their qualitative, quantitative and chemometric analysis :

  • Infrared spectroscopy/microscopy
  • Spontaneous and stimulated Raman spectroscopy/microscopy
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometry
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Atomic force microscopy
  • Raman Optical Activity

To explore our diverse range of equipment and detailed specifications please click here.

We have broad experience in the measurements of samples of various types, including:

  • Biological materials: fixed/live cells, tissues, bodily fluids, etc.
  • Environmental samples: organic residues, microplastics, etc
  • Pharmaceuticals: Purity estimation, API localization within tablets, tracking differences in production, active substance polymorphism, etc.
  • Geology and mineralogy: compositional analysis of solid samples
  • Material Research: compositional analysis of nanomaterials and crystals, transformation of polymers, chemical and topography correlation, identification of functional groups of polymers, monitoring of the polymerization process.
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT): identification and distribution of semi-products, products, and impurities, identification and size of particles in mixtures
  • Art and Archeology: microanalysis of painting composition (pigments, media, additives), bioarchaeology, degradation products, in situ analysis of various artworks and archeological artifacts.

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