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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

          NAWA funding for Polish-French collaborative research to Kasia Majzner!

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange announced the results of the recruitment for joint research projects between the Republic of Poland and the French Republic. One of the projects that received funding in this edition of the competition is the project entitled: "Raman spectroscopy imaging of drug-stimulated single leukemia cells in terms of assessing their phenotype and biochemical state", coordinated on the Polish side by Kasia Majzner! The project will be carried out in cooperation with the BioSpectroscopie Translationnelle (BioSpecT) research team from the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, coordinated by Prof. Olivier Piot.

Preludium 22 for Łukasz!

We are happy to announce that our colleague Łukasz Pięta has received the funding in latest edition of the PRELUDIUM 22 competition funded by the National Science Center (NCN)! His research will be focused on: “Engineering of high-performance hybrid nanomaterials for ultrasensitive Raman spectroscopy with photoinduced signal enhancement".

Our sincere congratulations!


Team Award for the group members!

Malgosia, Kamilla, Kasia, Ania N., and Ola B-D received the Team Award from the Rector of the Jagiellonian University for academic achievement. We congratulate the ladies and wish them further academic success.

Ania and Basia participated inCLIRPath-AI Sandpit November 2023, Bristol, UK

CLIRPath-AI is a  network, which brings together researchers in the fields of Spectral Pathology, Digital Pathology and Artificial Intelligence, to work together to discover innovative solutions to diagnostic problems.

Ania visited the group of prof. Wei Min - Columbia University, New York, USA

Between October 13th and 30th, 2023, Anna did her internship in the group of. Prof. Wei Min at the Department of Chemistry, Columbia University in the City of New York (New York, USA). The research was conducted as part of the Team-Net project. You can read more about Professor Wei Min Group and his research.

Scientific Committee elections in the Polish Adademy of Science

Malgosia was elected to the Polish Adademy of Science scientific committees of Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry for the 2024-2027 term. The committees are the only national representation of scientific microenvironments elected in democratic elected in Poland. Congratulation!

Erasmus+ sholarships for Ania A, Ania N and Ola. Congratulations!

Ania A, Ania N and Ola B-D received Erasmus+ sholarhips for employees at the Jagiellonian University (Erasmus+ KA 131-HED). The purpose of the training trip is to participate in training to improve qualifications related to the nature of work performed at the home university. Our Ladies are going for one week to: Politecnico di Milano, Italy - Ola and Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany - Ania A and Ania N.

We wish you fruitful training abroad!

          Jagoda, Ola and Łukasz received RSM funding

Research Support Module (RSM) is designed for Ph.D. students and participants of doctoral studies to support their research with funds from the Strategic Program Initiative for Excellence at Jagiellonian University (ID.UJ). We are very proud that in our group Jagoda, Ola and Łukasz received it. Congratulations!

Malgosia on the list of top scientists in the world published in 2023

Małgosia once again was included on list of the most influential scientists. She's among the 72 most frequently cited members of Jagiellonian University in 2022. The ranking was prepared by the University of Stanford, Elsevier publishing house and SciTech Strategies company. It assesses the overall impact of scientists based on bibliometrics.

For the full list of memebers of JU included on the list please click here.

Malgosia nominated for a best academic teacher in Kraków!

Recently Malgosia has been nominated by her students for a contest for a best academic teacher in Kraków organized by "Gazeta Krakowska" and "Dziennik Polski"! Voting starts on Tuesday, October 24, we encourage everyone to leave their vote!

Sylwia got an internship from NAWA 2023

Recently Sylwia received funding for a month-length research scholarship at University of Belgrade from Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange! The scholarship started this month, during her stay she will be studying various drugs used in oncology.

Ania received funding from Young Labs 3 program

Recently our post-doc Ania received funding from Young Labs 3 call in the Anthropocene PRA under the strategic programme Excellence Initiative at the Jagiellonian University! The tile of her project is "Tracking fatty acids metabolism of leukemic cells using Raman spectroscopy".

Małgosia is a chair of the workshop “Women in Photonics“, Jena, Germany, 26-30 November, 2023

We are pleased to informed that Małgosia was selected to chair the workshop “Women in Photonics“! The workshop will be held at Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology (Leibniz IPHT) in Jena from 26 to 30 November 2023

The workshop “Women in Photonics“ aims at connecting excellent female scientists at the beginning of their ­career with experts in photonics holding leading positions at research institutions and companies. The focus of the workshop will be on:

  •     Optical health technologies – diagnosis, monitoring, therapy
  •     biomedical microscopy, bio-analytical methods, medical chip systems
  •     Biophotonics such as vibrational spectroscopy, fluorescence, OCT, PAT, etc.

The workshop addresses female postdocs and PhD students working in these research areas, who want to ­present their own work and build up new networks. Participants will have the ­opportunity to exchange with experienced scientists from academia and industry and ­jointly develop strategies for a successful ­professional career.

First internship from NAWA 2023

From 13th to 26th May 2023 Ania P. and Ola B-D completed a 2-week internship at Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology Jena (Leibniz-IPHT), Jena, Germany, in Prof. Jurgen Popp group, the partner from NAWA 2023 project. The aim of the internship was to expand their knowledge about nonlinear techniques: coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering (CARS) and fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM). During their stay, they managed to learn about those techniques from the practical side, making cell measurements, which are part of the OPUS15 project's research.

From 24th to 26th Professor Jurgen Popp's group was also visited by Krzysztof, who had the opportunity to see their laboratories and discuss the technical aspects of the equipment used by the team.

The internship was financed by the Opus15 Project (UMO-2018/29/B/ST4/00335 to MB) and NAWA (Bilateral exchange program between Poland and Germany 2023 to MB).

Ada's internship at the University of Valencia

From 24th of February to 10th of March 2023 Ada completed 2 weeks internships at University of Valencia (Spain) under supervision of dr David Perez-Guaita. The aim of the internship was to expand knowledge on multivariate data analysis. The internships were founded by Excellence Initiative at the Jagiellonian University ("ID.UJ") VISIBILITY & MOBILITY MODULE

Guest internship by Dr Monika Kopeć from Lodz University of Technology

On February 1-27, our team had the pleasure of hosting Dr Monika Kopeć, a member of Prof. dr hab. Halina Abramczyk group from the Lodz University of Technology. During the internship, Dr. Monika carried out Raman imaging of brain cancer cell cultures incubated with an oncological drug administered in various concentrations. In addition, Dr Monika had the opportunity to participate in measurements using various research techniques and in an analysis of the results with the use of different analytical methods. Both for Dr Monika and for us, it was a very fruitful time during which we had the chance to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Małgorzata is a laureate of the NCN Maestro competition!

The National Science Center has announced the ranking lists of projects qualified for funding under the next editions of the MAESTRO and SONATA BIS calls. Among the winners were also researchers from the Jagiellonian University.

The Maestro competition is aimed at experienced scientists. It offers co-financing for research projects aimed at carrying out pioneering research, including interdisciplinary research, important for the development of science, going beyond the current state of knowledge and which may result in scientific discoveries.

In the 14th edition of the Maestro competition, 72 applications were submitted, and five winners received grants. We are pleased to inform you that among them was Professor Małgorzata Barańska from ZOR-Team of Imaging Ramanowski, whose research project entitled "RamanSense: Metabolomics based on enhanced stimulated Raman microscopy" will receive funding in the amount of PLN 4,989,800.