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Publications in 2018

Raman imaging of biomedical samples,
A. Kaczor, K. M. Marzec, K. Majzner, K. Kochan, M. Z. Pacia, M. Baranska
Rozdział 14 w Confocal Raman Microscopy , J. Toporski, T. Dieing, O. Hollricher (ed.), Springer, Cham, 2018, Print ISBN: 978-3-319-75378-2

SERS-based nanotechnology for imaging of cellular properties
E. Wiercigroch, K. Malek
Rozdział 11 w Plasmonics in Chemistry and Biology, M. Lamy de la Chapelle, N. Felidj (Ed.), Pan Stanford Publishing; October 31, 2018; ISBN: 9789814800037

Absolute Configurations of Naturally Occurring [5]-and [3]-Ladderanoic Acids: Isolation, Chiroptical Spectroscopy and Crystallography
V. Raghavan, J. Johnson, D. Stec, B. Song, G. Zajac, M. Baranska, C. Harris, N. Schley, P. Polavarapu, T. Harris
Journal of Natural Products, 2018, 81 (12), 2654–2666

Diversity among endothelial cell lines revealed by Raman and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopic imaging
E. Szafraniec, E. Wiercigroch, K. Czamara, K. Majzner, E. Staniszewska-Slezak, K. M. Marzec, K. Malek, A. Kaczor, M. Baranska
Analyst, 2018,143, 4323-4334

Raman spectroscopic features of primary cardiac microvascular endothelial cells(CMECs) isolated from the murine heart
S. Tott, M. Grosicki, B. Klimas, D. Augustynska, S. Chlopicki, M. Baranska
Analyst, 2018, 143, 6079–6086

Raman spectroscopy as a novel tool for fast characterization of perivascular adipose tissue chemical composition
K. Czamara, Z. Majka, A. Fus, K. Matjasik, M. Z. Pacia, M. Sternak, S. Chlopicki, A. Kaczor
Analyst, 2018, 143, 5999-6005

Rapid diagnostics of liver steatosis by Raman spectroscopy via fiber optic probe: a pilot study
M. Z. Pacia, K. Czamara, M. Zebala, E. Kus, S. Chlopicki, A. Kaczor
Analyst, 2018, 143, 4723-4731

Spectroscopy-based characterization of Hb–NO adducts in human red blood cells exposed to NO-donor and endothelium-derived NO
J. Dybas, P. Berkowicz, B. Proniewski, K. Dziedzic-Kocurek, J. Stanek, M. Baranska, S. Chlopicki, K. M. Marzec
Analyst, 2018, 143, 4335–4346

Label-free FTIR spectroscopy detects and visualizes the early stage of pulmonary micrometastasis seeded from breast carcinoma
K. Chrabaszcz, A. Jasztal, M. Smeda, B. Zieliński, A. Blat, M. Diem, S. Chlopicki, K. Malek, K. M. Marzec
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease, 2018, 1864, 3574-3584

FT-IR Hyperspectral Imaging and Artificial Neural Network Analysis for Rapid Identification of Pathogenic Bacteria
P. Lasch, M. Stämmler, M. Zhang, M. Baranska, A. Bosch, K. Majzner
Analytical Chemistry, 2018, 90, 8896−8904

Structure of supramolecular astaxanthin aggregates revealed by molecular dynamics and electronic circular dichroism spectroscopy
G. Zajac, E. Machalska, A. Kaczor, J. Kessler, P. Bouř, M. Baranska
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018, 20, 18038-18046

Raman imaging of haem metabolism in situ in macrophages and Kupffer cells
J. Dybas, M. Grosicki, M. Baranska, K. M. Marzec
Analyst, 2018, 143, 3489 - 3498

Parasites under the spotlight: Applications of vibrational spectroscopy to malaria research
D. Perez-Guaita, K.M. Marzec, A. Hudson, C. Evans, T. Chernenko, C. Matthäus, M. Miljkovic, M. Diem, P. Heraud, J. Richards, D. Andrew, D. Anderson, C. Doerig, J. Garcia-Bustos, D. McNaughton, B.R. Wood
Chemical Reviews 2018, 118(11), 5330 – 5358

FTIR spectroscopic imaging of endothelial cells response to tumour necrosis factor-α: to follow markers of inflammation using standard and high magnification resolution
E. Wiercigroch, E. Staniszewska-Slezak, K. Szkaradek, T. Wojcik, Y. Ozaki, M. Baranska, K. Malek
Analytical Chemistry, 2018, 90(6), 3727–3736

FT-IR and Raman-based biochemical profiling of the early stage of pulmonary metastasis of breast cancer in mice
K. Chrabaszcz, K. Kochan, A. Fedorowicz, A. Jasztal, E. Buczek, L. S. Leslie, R. Bhargava, K. Malek, S. Chlopicki, K. M. Marzec
Analyst, 2018, 143, 2042-2050

Label-free Raman hyperspectral imaging analysis localizes the cyanogenic glucoside dhurrin to the cytoplasm in sorghum cells
P. Heraud, M.F. Cowan, K. M. Marzec, B.L. Moller, C.K. Blomstedt, R. Gleadow,
Scientific Reports 2018, 8(1), No. 2691, 1–9

Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy of Automotive Paints for Forensic Identification pf Natural Weathering
A. Giovanni Gomes de Oliveira, E. Wiercigroch, J. de Andrade Gomes, K. Malek
Analytical Methods, 2018, 10, 1203–1212

Raman, AFM and SNOM high resolution imaging of carotene crystals in a model carrot cell system
A. Rygula, T. Oleszkiewicz, E. Grzebelus, M.Z. Pacia, M. Baranska, R. Baranski
Spectrochimica Acta A, 2018, 197, 47-55

Uptake of fatty acids by a single endothelial cell investigated by Raman spectroscopy supported by AFM
K. Majzner, Sz. Tott, L. Roussille, V. Deckert, S. Chlopicki, M. Baranska
Analyst, 2018, 143, 970-980

A possible Fourier transform infrared-based plasma fingerprint of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor-induced reversal of endothelial dysfunction in diabetic mice
E.Staniszewska-Slezak, E. Wiercigroch, A. Fedorowicz, E. Buczek, L.Mateuszuk, M. Baranska, S. Chlopicki, K. Malek
J Biophotonics, 2018, 11, 1-11.