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Publications in 2013

Raman Optical Activity of cinchona alkaloids
M. Roman, K. Chruszcz-Lipska, J. Celka, M. Baranska
Biomed. Spec. and Imag., 2013, 2(4), 359-365

Imaging of macrophages by Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)
K. Malek, A. Jaworska, P. Krala, N. Kachamakova-Trojanowska, M. Baranska
Biomed. Spec. and Imag., 2013, 2(4), 349-357

A comprehensive approach to study liver tissue: spectroscopic imaging and histochemical staining
K. Kochan, E. Maslak, R. Kostogrys, S. Chlopicki, M. Baranska
Biomed. Spec. and Imag., 2013, 2(4), 331-337

An effect of anticoagulants on the FTIR spectral profile of mice plasma
E. Staniszewska, A.K. Bartosz, K. Malek, M. Baranska
Biomed. Spec. and Imag., 2013, 2(4), 317-330

Multi-methodological insight into the vessel wall cross-section: Raman and AFM imaging combined with immunohistochemical staining
M. Pilarczyk, A. Rygula, L. Mateuszuk, S. Chlopicki, M. Baranska, A. Kaczor
Biomed. Spec. and Imag., 2013, 2(3), 191-197

The uptake of gold nanoparticles by endothelial cells studied by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
A. Jaworska, K. Malek, N. Kachamakova-Trojanowska, S. Chlopicki, M. Baranska
Biomed. Spec. and Imag., 2013, 2(3), 183-189


Zastosowanie mikrospektroskopii absorpcyjnej w podczerwieni oraz modelu regresji liniowej do analizy ex vivo struktur drugorzędowych białek w tkankach zwierzęcych
K. Majzner, T. P. Wrobel, M. Baranska
Studia i Materiały Informatyki Stosowanej, 2013, 5(10), 29-36

Secondary structure of proteins analyzed ex vivo in vascular wall in diabetic animals using FT-IR spectroscopy
K. Majzner, T. P. Wrobel, A. Fedorowicz, S. Chlopicki, M. Baranska
Analyst, 2013, 138 (24), 7400-7410

Electric Field Standing Wave Effects in FT-IR Transflection Spectra of biological tissue sections: simulated models of experimental variability
Tomasz P. Wrobel, Barbara Wajnchold, Hugh J. Byrne, M. Baranska
Vib. Spec., 2013, 69C, 84-92

Quantification of plaque area and characterization of plaque biochemical composition along atherosclerosis progression in ApoE/LDLR-/- mice by FT-IR imaging
T.P. Wrobel, L. Mateuszuk, R.Kostogrys, S. Chlopicki, M. Baranska
Analyst, 2013, 138(21), 6645-6652

Book of Abstracts "Seminar on Vibrational Biospectroscopy and Imaging: Modern techniques of Raman and IR imaging with chemometric analysis"
Full version

Vibrational and theoretical study of diacetylenes
M. Roman, M. Baranska
Spectrochim. Acta A, 2013, 115, 493-503

Calcification of aortic human valves studied in situ by Raman microimaging: following mineralization from small grains to big deposits
M. Pilarczyk, K. Czamara, M. Baranska, J. Natorska, P. Kapusta, A. Undas, A. Kaczor
J. Raman Spectrosc., 2013, 44(9), 1222-1229

Raman spectroscopy of proteins: a review
A. Rygula, K. Majzner, K. M. Marzec, A. Kaczor, M. Pilarczyk, M. Baranska
J. Raman Spectrosc., 2013, 44 (8), 1061-1076

Studies on paint cross sections of a glass painting by using FT-IR and Raman microspectroscopy supported by univariate and Hierarchical Cluster analysis
E. Staniszewska, K. Malek, Z. Kaszowska
J. Raman Spectrosc., 2013, 44(8), 1144-1155

Pathological changes in biochemical profile of liver in atherosclerosis and diabetes assessed by Raman spectroscopy
K. Kochan, K. M. Marzec, K. Chruszcz-Lipska, A. Jasztal, E. Maslak, H. Musiolik, S. Chlopicki, M. Baranska
Analyst, 2013, 138, 3885-3890

Degradation of glycine and alanine on irradiated quartz
M. Pawlikowski, A. Benko, T. P. Wrobel
Origins Life Evol. B, 2013, 43(2), 119-127

Influence of Cage Confinement on the Photochemistry of Matrix-Isolated E‑β-Ionone: FT-IR and DFT Study
A. Kaczor, I. Reva, R. Fausto
J. Phys. Chem. A, 2013, 117, 888−897

Structural changes of beta-carotene and some retinoid pharmaceuticals induced by environmental factors
M. Roman, A. Kaczor, J. Cz. Dobrowolski, M. Baranska
J. Mol. Struct., 2013, 1037, 99-108

Recent advances in Raman analysis of plants: alkaloids, carotenoids, and polyacetylenes"“ w specialnym wydaniu "Recent Advances in Analysis of Natural Products"
M. Baranska, M. Roman, J.Cz. Dobrowolski, H. Schulz, R. Baranski
Curr. Anal. Chem., 2013, 9, 99-118

Raman and UV-vis spectroscopy studies on luteolin-Al(III) complexes
A. Rygula, T.P. Wrobel, J. Szklarzewicz, M. Baranska
Vib. Spectrosc. 2013, 64, 21-26

“Substituent effect on structure and surface activity of N-methylpyridinium salts studied by FT-IR, FT-RS, SERS and DFT calculations
K.M. Marzec, A. Jaworska, K. Malek, A. Kaczor, M. Baranska
J. Raman Spectrosc., 2013, 44, 155–165

3D confocal Raman imaging of endothelial cells and vascular wall: perspectives in analytical spectroscopy of biomedical research
K. Majzner, A. Kaczor, N. Kachamakova-Trojanowska, A. Fedorowicz, S. Chlopicki, M. Baranska
Analyst, 2013, 138, 603-610

Carbamazepine polymorphs: theoretical and experimental spectroscopic studies
W. Czernicki, M. Baranska
Vib. Spectrosc., 2013, 65, 12-23

A joint application of ATR-FTIR and SEM imaging with high spatial resolution: Identification and distribution of painting materials and their degradation products in paint cross sections
Z. Kaszowska, K. Malek, A. Panczyk, A. Mikolajska
Vib. Spectrosc., 2013, 65, 1-11

Design and Synthesis of Novel Cannabinoid Ligands Based on a 1,2,3-Triazole Scaffold
P.W. Szafrański, K. Dyduch, T. Kosciolek, T.P. Wróbel,M. Gómez-Cañas, M. Gómez-Ruiz, J. Fernandez-Ruiz, J. Mlynarski
Lett. Drug Des. Discov., 2013, 10(2), 169-172

“Structural characterization of rondorfite, calcium silica chlorine mineral containing magnesium in tetrahedral position [MgO4]6-, with the aid of the vibrational spectroscopies and fluorescence
M. Dulski, A. Bulou, K. M. Marzec, E. V. Galuskin and R. Wrzalik
Spectrochimi. Acta A, 101, 382-388